ERF Transformation Coaching

ERF Transformation Coaching
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ERF Transformation Coaching, specialise in Emotive & Self-Esteem issues, raising your EQ & Trauma release. Client's Sessions are done online one-on-one through Zoom at set appointment times, so the programs can cater to their specific issues & focus on what they wish to overcome, this way it is also private not group based.

Programs offered to our Clients are Foundation Program (EQ), Anger Management Program (EQ), Stress or Anxiety Management Program (EQ), Depression Management Program (EQ) & Trauma Release can be added onto any of the much more.
This is achieved through Mind Power, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Inner Freedom Coaching system™ & Counselling. processes included  are Inner Conflict Therapy ™, Negative Emotion Therapy ™ & Negative Belief Therapy ™.

The Result is a more Peaceful Mind, reduced negative Emotions or negative Mental states, Increased EQ, making space for more & more Joy, Happiness & Zest for Life. Also often experienced is a Higher Resilience to life's pressures, Greater Focus & Deeper or Rediscovered Self-Love.

For more information, Jean Moore is offering you a Free 30min Zoom Consultation, if you are ready to take the journey within, please email me on or WhatsApp me on 0768212690, with your name, age, location & brief statement on what you want to overcome.

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