Stacey Fru Foundation

Stacey Fru Foundation

The Stacey Fru Foundation is an initiative which arose out of then 9-year-old Stacey’s zeal to empower and encourage children and adults alike to learn how to read and write. Amongst other things, the Foundation supports Stacey’s vision of motivating and empowering through many initiatives, including creating partnerships that aim at Elevating the African Child, buying her books and donating them to schools, institutions and libraries and seeking pledges and donations that enable her to travel to schools in rural areas and/or transport rural children to the cities for specific Foundation activities.

To donate the books, you can contact us on : +27 82 548 6385 Victorine (Publisher/Mom) or +27 84 814 7292/ +27 11 440 7501 (Dorcas) The Stacey Fru Foundation,

084 814 7292