The WIIN Mission

it is our WIIN mission to:

Empower women with knowledge and support to prevent and overcome the effects of domestic violence

Train and uplift women economically through our partnerships

Be an umbrella information platform presenting all Women’s Organisations in South Africa via the WIIN App

Solve the most compelling safety needs and train women to elevate their earning capacity

Change the circumstances of women for the better, through access to knowledge, training and services

Make unbankable women, bankable, through personal empowerment, teaching self-reliance, wellness, financial and technology literacy

Collaborate with Men’s Organisations which promote consciousness, and form a powerful stance against violence against women and children

Promote gender equality through education

Imagine, the greatest achievement for SA society lays in empowering, collaborating, and enriching the lives of South African Women

Together we can achieve true empowerment of women!


That is true change! That is true achievement


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