Path to Wellness

A Path to Personal Wellness

Five simple changes that will clear your energy field of negativity  

1. Embrace who you REALLY are since birth  

When we are born, we don’t care about what others think or say about you, and you certain don’t worry if every hair is out of place. You don’t need constant love and approval to feel that warmth about yourself.

These worries and stressors don’t come to shape until you get older and start to buy into the belief system of those around you. Societal perceptions can influence you to be a “good girl”. When you didn’t behave as you should, you probably were punished until you could behave again.

 This taught you early on that your emotions needed to be suppressed and you were wrong if you displayed them.  It’s important you start to embrace who you REALLY are, and feel your feelings without filters, to let your sprit guides know you are being real. 

2. See the Lessons from your Childhood

Your parents would have loved you, unless, of course, you misbehaved. They would tell you and warn you about your actions, causing you to bottle your emotions in order to act as they wanted. We trust that they did not diminish YOU?

You may have been told you were a “bad girl.” These perceived notions may have been detrimental to your self-esteem. You learned that you weren’t as perfect as you thought or beautiful in all ways possible. You might have been rejected and sent to your room just for being the person that you are. This relationship with your parents was the first major heartbreak that you suffered in your life. They let you down, and you let them down too!

 When you are young, being rejected is a scary turn of events. You may have thought that you were going to die without the love and care of your parents. You couldn’t take care of yourself on your own and needed your parents to provide you with a nurturing love. This is a primal instinct that we all carry over into adulthood.

Therein, if you look for the lessons, and use this as an example of how you do NOT want to be!  Discerning the difference will free you from your growth cycles.  Your spirit guides will help you, once you get the ball rolling on your own. 

3. Stop rejecting YOU for having been rejected

As an adult when you face rejection in your romantic relationships, it can be devastating to lose your partner. It may feel like a life or death situation – much like you felt as a child. Therefore, it is so heartbreaking to lose the one that you love. When someone breaks up with you, it is possible that you revert to be a child and those first feeling of hurt.

You start to think that when someone you love more than anything rejects you or takes away their love, it is because you didn’t behave. Again, you weren’t that “good girl”. These hurt feeling are just reinforced by your childhood experiences. You may feel like there is something wrong with you. You are not perfect. You have many flaws. You are unworthy of love.

Rejection as an adult, causes you to dig deep into your feelings of loss as a child and can cause you great emotional turmoil as a result. Stop blaming yourself for someone else rejecting you, it will only make it worse.  Instead, love yourself for the reasons they rejected you, and change the parts you don’t like. 

4. Listen with your heart, even when broken

Your soul is still present when you are nursing a broken heart. Your Be-Ing want you to know that there is nothing wrong with you. You are not flawed, nor broken. You are perfect the way you are and beautiful all at the same time. You are always worthy of the love of another. You are still that loving intent that you were when you were born.

Often women think that rejection in a relationship is all their fault. We have forgotten who we are between washing and careers and responsibilities? Then we allow men to make us think we are not good enough and forget the truth about us?

We compare ourselves to media hype and patriarchal images which scream we are not pretty enough, not good enough. We believe the relationship ended because we are not interesting enough and get sold on the idea that all was our fault. Relationships are always a two-way street, and we need to allow ourselves to heal and to let go.

Let go of figuring out what went wrong. Stop second guessing your actions and think that your relationship might have endured had you acted or behaved differently.  

5. Forgive yourself for having s failed relationship

Relationships come and go and end all the time. There are various reasons why they do, and it is not because we are not good enough. Relationships do not end because we didn’t have the right talents or were not sophisticated and smart enough! Or not pretty enough. The truth behind any break-up is that women often stop being the divine intent we are. Women are quick to love someone, and this has never stopped.

Let your spirit and your truth in. Let go of the lies that you bought into along the way. Forget what you think is good or bad about you. Allow you to rise again! Rediscover your SELF as the authentic divine being that is you. When we remember this, love will come again. Despite the hurt. 

There is no sane reason to blame yourself, feel guilt or abuse yourself. Most of us go through our lives lying to ourselves about who we really are, because we don’t really KNOW ourselves. Those of us who DO get to know, get to operate with abundance and self-respect. When you respect the SELF, you will make the right decisions that lead to the life you desire, even when we have failed a thousand times before.