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PRESS RELEASE As the Women Integral Impact Network (WIIN), together with all women in South Africa and Internationally we wish to affirm …

Guide to African Human Rights System

DOWNLOAD HERE: https://wiinwomen.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/Guide_to_the_African_human_rights_system_2021.pdf

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A Month of Mourning

We have lost some great women in 2021. One can only trust we the women of South Africa, will build on what …

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The Coronavirus effect has without a doubt dealt everyone a low blow and it has taken many parents by surprise, not only …

Dissolving Trauma

Dissolving Trauma

Presented by Francesca Fondse

Covide Response 10

WIIN Covid-19 Response

WIIN received donations from Transnet for our Community outreach programs. We are grateful. Communities received food parcel in assistance. WIIN also became …


Under South African law, specifically the Maintenance Act 99 of 1998, children have the right to receive financial maintenance from parents… but …

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VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN OF SOUTH AFRICA?  Gender Based Violence (GBV), specifically against us women, is a violation of our  personal human rights …

16 Days of Activism2

The 16 days of activism for no violence against women and children was initiated in 1991 by the first Women’s Global Leadership Institute. …

Path to Wellness

A Path to Personal Wellness

Five simple changes that will clear your energy field of negativity   1. Embrace who you REALLY are since birth   When …

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Albinism Awareness Month

Albinism Awareness Month is held in September to raise awareness on the rights of persons with albinism and to combat stereotypes, prejudices, …

March 1956

Women’s Month August 2019

WIIN Women’s Month Training on Divorce and Maintenance What every woman should know! Financial abuse is defined within the South African Domestic Violence …