WIIN Kliptown Power Project

The Power Project

We start in Kliptown the home of the Freedom Charter, signed and adopted on the 26th of June 1955, which forms the basis of South Africa’s constitution.

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We connect Kliptown to all the sectors of the Real Economy through CSR activities

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We transfer Skills to People / Mentor and Coach To create and develop sustainable activities

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We Invest in Reliable & Sustainable Infrastructures through Worldwide crowdfunding contribution

A Proven Methodology for a Sustainable Model

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Kliptown: The Blueprint for Africa

The Power Project plans to assist disadvantaged communities to get access to reliable and sustainable infrastructure through means of alternative state of the art technology which is our founding principle. These are communities and neighborhoods that have never had electricity and these are people that cannot afford this basic need and to stay on the grid. By virtue of assisting these communities attain this milestone in their lives we would have managed to add value to their lives and improve their standard of living.

The project aims to:
  • Restore human dignity by proving a basic service i.e. electricity, proper household isolation etc…
  • Help the Young Generation remember their identity
  • Create a link between the old and new generation
  • Create an educational platform