March 1956

Women’s Month August 2019

WIIN Women’s Month Training on Divorce and Maintenance

What every woman should know!

Financial abuse is defined within the South African Domestic Violence Act as a criminal act and is punishable by law!

Yet our Maintenance System is, in fact, aiding just such abuse, by allowing offenders to get away with the perpetuation of financial abuse.

Our children are those most afflicted, as the mother’s ability to provide proper care, education and nutrition are surely affected by men absconding from their duties.

For this reason, WIIN will initiate Training Dialogues on August 24th, 2019, at the Castle in Kyalami, in commemoration of the women past, and in empowering of women present, to ensure the future of those who will follow us on this great wheel of life…

It is an atrocity that within a quarter-century of democratic rule, our country’s women are still plagued by the remnants of a patriarchal and mostly chauvinistic Judiciary, where the needs of women were neglected for centuries? And a very self-serving Judiciary at that?

It was during the Oscar Pretorius trial that I realized that I was headed to become part of SA’s statistics. And the decision to take control of my life set me on a course over incredible treacherous waters: Being a woman in South Africa!

Women must understand the different objectives of the Department of Justice & Constitutional Development, and that of the Judiciary! They might save themselves a lot of financial abuse, and anxiety.

Even though Justice has reviewed and regulated our Acts, these Laws are still applied in ways which do not serve the greater advancement and create protection for women and children. Court systems are exploited by lawyers, court staff aren’t efficiently trained, and very often, have their own personal challenges at home and work!  

WIIN aims to empower women with our stories, our trials and our findings. We need women to know what these regulations are, how to apply them for their own benefit and for their children. Many issues experienced during maintenance procedures, could have been prevented by ethical and attentive lawyers during the divorce proceedings and the drafting of the Divorce Decree.

We have limited space, so we encourage women to book asap, and we encourage women in their communities, NGO’s, Faith-based Organizations and Cooperatives, to invite us to bring this very crucial training to them!

Francesca Fondse

National Champion for Women and WIIN Founder