WIIN – affirms our stance in the fight for peace across our beautiful South Africa

WIIN PR 17 July 1


As the Women Integral Impact Network (WIIN), together with all women in South Africa and Internationally we wish to affirm our stance in the fight for peace across our beautiful South Africa.

The current situation that has darkened our beautiful land has left us all feeling vulnerable and unsure of the future. Together with the Department of Justice Champion for Women and the WIIN Board and Provincial Heads we wish to send out our condolences to the families that have lost loved ones over the past few weeks of unrest. Many homes, livelihoods, families and community have been gravely affected by the sudden uprising and looting in our country. Businesses and employment gravely affected which directly impacts the lives of all its citizens. As a network that advocates against all forms of violence especially that of Gender based violence, we are aware that the current economic and social crisis will impact the lives of many women in the weeks and months to come. We will continue to endeavor to build up communities through our empowerment and training programmes as well as ensure that all women that are part of our membership and those who are not; seeking assistance and advice will be aided to the best of our ability using all our resources and networks to ensure that the lives of Women and children are made safe and secure.

We continue to strive everyday to reach all who need our help to curb violence and ensure food security and the livelihoods of all.

WIIN continues to champion for all. Let us together stand united to bring about peace and prosperity once again to our beautiful country. May we always see ourselves in each other and never forget the Spirit of Ubuntu that has being our bedrock of our democratic society. WIIN stands together with her country and all its efforts to make us whole again will continue to be a beacon of hope. We would like to pledge our continued support and thank each man, woman and child that has rallied together these past few weeks amid a pandemic to bring about restoration and harmony to businesses, communities and homes.

We need each other and we need an economy that is striving and growing for the betterment of all lives. Let us together forge ahead. As WIIN Women we are united in our fight against violence. We are fighting an unseen enemy, a pandemic that has gravely affected us all. Let us not add to this and become an enemy to each other. Open your homes to a neighbour, share what you have with a family in need and may we all strive in the building of a new tomorrow.

The WIIN NETWORK www.wiinwomen.com and www.wiinyebodoctor.co.za

WIIN PR 17 July 2

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